Gé Lieshout


Gé Lieshout
Weesperstraat 61
1018 VN Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 7232261
M +31 (0)6 51805504

Gé has been an attorney that specialises in labour law since 1996. Formerly, he was employed as a tax consultant focussing on payroll tax and social insurances. Therefore he always manages to get a broader perspective when it comes to issues concerning labour law. Gé uses this plethora of experience in order to help out his clients work through complicated matters in a practical and goal-driven way.

Gé does not simply focus on the ‘classical’ field of activity of provisions of labour law as they exist between employer and employee. He is also experienced in advising and co-designing other methods of collaborative relations. In doing so, he is always focussed on solving (and if possible, the preventing of) issues. He acts as legal counsel in several organisations in both care and cultural sectors.