Recommendations Gé

''There are very few lawyers who, besides professionalism and professional knowledge, also have excellent communication skills and empathy. Gé Lieshout is one of them. Creativity is central to solving the many issues at hand, as well as loyalty.  Honest, transparent and clear - even if something is not possible - Gé makes a very pleasant conversation partner who works in an equal but highly skilled manner. Listens well and knows how to get the to the core of the problem quickly and effectively.  A lawyer who is easily accessible and does not stop until the issue, problem or idea has been successfully completed. Humor and putting things in perspective are very positive qualities within his field and Gé has these traits by nature.  During the years that I have been able to work with Gé, he is not only a reliable professional but also a good friend!"

Véronique Oudkerk , Jury Member VentureKick And Investor ( Medical & Real Estate)